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Hi, My name is Amy!

 With a dance and fitness background, I looked to yoga to develop   strength and flexibility, but never imagined it would transfer from the mat into my everyday life. Coming from a dance background, my  worth  was focused completely on the aesthetic I could create, which is a difficult mindset to leave. It’s why my teaching now is focused on the sensation and the experience of the pose.

 Yoga has inspired me to be more mindful, playful, and curious, and I truly believe yoga is for everybody: regardless of whether you’re rolling out your mat for the first time, or looking for greater anatomical awareness in an established practice. Our bodies are pretty incredible, and I think we should celebrate that! 

I like to combine styles of yoga and integrate body awareness practices within creative flows. I hope when you step off your mat, you’ll have deepened your practice, and most importantly had fun!


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