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Hi, My name is Amy!

 With a dance and fitness background, I looked to yoga to develop   strength and flexibility, but never imagined it would transfer from the mat into my everyday life. Coming from a dance background, my focus was based completely on the aesthetic I could create, which is a difficult mindset to leave. It’s why my teaching now is focused on the sensation and the experience of the pose.

 Yoga has inspired me to be more mindful, playful, and curious, and I truly believe yoga is for everybody: regardless of whether you’re rolling out your mat for the first time, or looking for greater anatomical awareness in an established practice. Our bodies are pretty incredible, and I think we should celebrate that! 

I like to combine styles of yoga and integrate body awareness practices within creative flows. I hope when you step off your mat, you’ll have deepened your practice, and most importantly had fun!

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"I've been learning yoga with Amy for just over a year now. She is without a doubt one of the loveliest people I have met. She gives off an aura of trust and calm that is so reassuring when learning, and is very knowledgeable about body mechanics, delivering a constantly varied, fun and professional class each and every time."


Graphic Artist 

"Amy is a truly fantastic yoga teacher. She incorporates the perfect balance of creative sequences with a wonderful sense of fun and play.

I really, really recommend her classes to anyone whether new or experienced yoga-goers. 


Yoga Teacher 

"Amy is an outstanding yoga teacher. She is so knowledgeable and professional and really helps me learn how to strengthen and better my practice. Amy's approach to teaching is with an open heart, and to make practice fun and welcoming to all regardless of ability. Amy really cares for every person in class. 

For myself, Amy helped to advance my practice with deeper insight in to the posture and breath, and how small movements make a huge difference. For my partner who was new to yoga, an introduction to basics class with Amy was invaluable and a perfect way to learn Downward dog, and the Vinyasa Basics. We would highly recommend Amy to all levels and abilities, and if we could offer a 12 out of 10 we would! 


"I believe we should as students try many different classes with many teachers as each is different and will speak to us in a different way. 

I have had the utmost pleasure of attending classes with Amy both online and in a studio and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. 

I love how beautifully classes are sequenced, paced, and that i always learn something new. 

You should definitely book a class, or 3, or 4 with Amy. "


Yoga Teacher 

"Amy's classes are fun. 

Challenging, without being intimidating, somehow they leave you feeling both energised and calm. 

It sounds ridiculous, but i think she manages to pull this off by approaching teaching without any ego. It's all about helping show you what your body can do, rather than showing off what she or anybody else can do. 

I'm not really a yoga person, and Amy makes me want to do more yoga."


Account Manager 

"Amy's classes are amazing, she keeps everything fun whilst working you so hard you don't even notice. No two lessons are the same, and she puts her heart and soul in to each. 

Join, you won't regret it, perfect for all levels, i joined her as a complete beginner and have been with her since. You will leave feeling amazing."


Thank you for your incredibly kind words. 

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